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Introducing our Fully Coated NitraDry™ Coated ISO Cut F Thermal Glove, the Icetherm-Xtreme, the perfect solution for keeping your hands warm, dry, and protected on the job. This versatile glove is designed to meet the highest safety standards, providing maximum protection against cuts (level F), contact heat level 2, whilst staying warm and dry.

The fully coated NitraDry™ coating of our thermal glove provides full water resistance, keeping your hands dry even in wet conditions. The coating also offers excellent grip in wet, dry, and oily environments, making it ideal for a wide range of tasks and industries.

In addition to the NitraDry™ coating, the Icetherm-Xtreme also features a maximum ISO 13997 Cut level F rating, providing the highest level of cut protection available. This makes it an excellent choice for workers who need maximum protection against cuts and other hazards.

The brushed acrylic thermal liner of our glove provides warmth and comfort without sacrificing dexterity or flexibility. The liner is soft and comfortable to wear, and has been tested to contact heat level 2 (250ºC), providing added protection against contact heat hazards.

But that's not all - our Fully Coated NitraDry™ Coated ISO Cut F Thermal Glove also features touch screen compatibility, allowing you to use your devices without removing the gloves. This makes it the perfect choice for workers who need to keep their hands warm and protected but also need to access their phones, tablets, or other devices on the job.

Overall, our Fully Coated NitraDry™ Coated ISO Cut F Thermal Glove is the perfect choice for anyone who needs maximum protection and comfort on the job. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, this glove is an essential piece of personal protective equipment that will help you stay safe and productive in any environment.


  • Full water resistant NitraDry™ coating 
  • Maximum ISO Cut level F
  • Brushed acrylic thermal liner 
  • Contact heat level 2 (250ºC) as tested to EN407:2004
  • Excellent wet, dry and oily grip 


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