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PUMA Iconic Safety Trainer

PUMA Iconic Safety Trainer

This is really a safety shoe? Of course it is! The new ICONIC from PUMA Safety, inspired by classic sports shoes, not only looks good, but also shines with its sophisticated features! The S1PL safety shoe with fibreglass toe cap and flexible penetration protection comes with a non-slip and up to 300°C heat-resistant outsole, which convinces with optimal grip and perfect cushioning. A rotation point incorporated into the sole in the midfoot area minimises friction and fatigue. The Evercushion® RELIEF footbed provides optimal pressure relief and a natural position of the foot in the shoe thanks to the special arch support. Shock-absorbing elements in the heel and forefoot area absorb shocks and impacts when the foot touches down and make the ICONIC maximally comfortable - even on long working days.

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