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Rockfall Atlanta Trainer

Rockfall Atlanta Trainer

Rockfall Atlanta Trainer - PM4050



Product description


The PM4050 Atlanta is a breathtakingly lightweight safety trainer that has been manufactured using a single knit upper, that offers outstanding breathability and water repellent properties, water often runs off!


It has a 100% non metallic construction, including a fibreglass toecap and composite midsole.


Atlanta is an ideal choice for contracts due the vegan friendly materials and sleek sports styling enabling it to be ‘the one for everyone’.


The outsole complex is a dual density EVA nitrile rubber outsole which gives abrasion resistance whilst providing exceptional shock absorption and weight reduction.


All day comfort comes from an Activ-Step® PU anti-fatigue comfort footbed.


Height: 3 Inches

Shoe weight: 445g

EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC


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